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Jo Vito Ramírez

X Discovers Paradise

From The Grand Poobah And Other Ludicrous Things


The Bronx,

           of single mother,

liberal arts,

elm tree, Poe. Barney. Brown Kids.

I am of microwave Calabrese and Tang,

Las Piedras,

Rumi, AMAB, baseball,

Cold War and

Corn Flakes.


I move through and always in relation to.

You too. Into Time

         Been born.


When I speak, scratch, brood, scat, sing, search, prescribe, consume,




I do so always in context, scattering context in my wake.


...everywhere I look I see fire; that which isn't flint is tinder, and the whole world sparks and flames.

-Annie Dillard


For better or worse, we move on great historical impulses, swinging the hinge.


                 I make art that proceeds

with intention,

            calling attention to





Art I care about

       cares about the ploys commercials use to sell you soap.


My art is concerned

                       with play, hegemony, heresy, genetics, history,

                            it has sex, and just wants a slice of the good life.

I create work that wonders, zips, wanders, pops, fizzles,

relentlessly dissents and

bakes the audience pie.

My work is corny, silent, horny, limber, earnest, sassy, mourny,

Is plays make-believe, and gets its feelings hurt.

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