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Jo Vito Ramírez





Introduction To Pachinko Clown, Instructor: Donna Oblongata. Marshfield, VT. July 2019 


Headlong Performance Institute (HPI), Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. – Dec. 2014


Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. Major: Theater, Minor: Sociology 2009 – 2013

       -2013 Kaye Prize in Theater Arts: Acting/Directing

       -Questbridge Scholar



The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) By Roald Dahl (Adapted by David Wood), [Bloodbottler]

           Arden Theatre Company, Nov. '23- Jan. '24, Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Philadelphia, Pa.


Socrates, [Socrates] Cannonball Festival '23,

           Written and Directed by Eliana Fabiyi, Philadelphia, Pa.


Red Riding Hood, By Allison Gregory, [Wolfgang] Arden Theatre Company, March - June 2023

           Directed by Rebecca Wright, Philadelphia, Pa.

Taming of the Shrew, By William Shakespeare, [Petruchio] Shakespeare in Clark Park, July 2022

           Directed by KC McMillan, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Woman's Prize, By John Fletcher, [Rowland] Shakespeare in Clark Park, July 2022

           Directed by And Bey, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Cure at Troy, By Seamus Heaney, [Neoptolemus] Quintessence, February 2022

           Directed by Alex Burns, The Sedgwick Theater, Philadelphia, Pa.

707 Hazardous Moves, New Paradise Laboratories, September, 2021

           Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Fringe Festival 2021, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pericles, By William Shakespeare, [Pericles] Shakespeare in Clark Park, July 2021

           Directed by Carly Bodnar, Philadelphia, Pa.

Play, New Paradise Laboratories, Aug. 2020 - March 2021

           Development Initiative, With Whit MacLaughlin, Philadelphia, Pa.

King Lear (Video Series), 1812 Productions, [Edgar]: Voice Over, February 2021

           Directed by Tanaquil Marquez, Philadelphia, Pa.

Paul, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Leslie] Aug. 2020

           Online Performance, Written by Ryan Rebel, Philadelphia, Pa.


Jo's Gonna Try, Horizon At Home, [Jo] May - June 2020

           Online video series, Produced by Theatre Horizon, Philadelphia, Pa.


The Snow Queen, Arden Theatre Company, [Fred] Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020

           Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Charles Way, Philadelphia, Pa.

Free Water, By Shelley Spector, Design for Different Futures Exhibit - Jan 2020
           In Collaboration with The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pa.

Power Goes Mad with Blop, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] May 2019

          Directed by Ryan Rebel, Philadelphia, Pa.

Expressed//Suppressed, Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival, [Cam] May 2019

           Directed by Jonathan Edmondson, Philadelphia, Pa


Charlotte's Web, Arden Theatre Company, [Avery] Nov 2018 - Feb. 2019

         Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Joseph Robinette, Philadelphia, Pa.

Much Ado About Nothing, Delaware Shakespeare, [Claudio] July 2018

         Directed by Bi Jean Ngo, Wilmington, De.

LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] May 2018

         Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival, Philadelphia, Pa.


Peter Pan, Arden Theatre Company, [Peter Pan] Oct 2017 - February 2018

         Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Douglas Irvine, Philadelphia, Pa.

WILD: A Clown Western, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] September 2017

         Fringe Festival 2017, Philadelphia, Pa.


Spectre Vivant, New Paradise Laboratories, [Father Anthony Douglas] September 2017

        In Collaboration with Opera Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

Gumshoe, New Paradise Laboratories, [Rigel Foote] March - May 2017

        In Collaboration with The Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.


Amerika, by Franz Kafka, [Karl Rossman], April 2017

       Adapted for the stage by Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Philadelphia, Pa.


Quiet Circus, Headlong, September - December 2016

       Washington Ave Pier, Philadephia, Pa.


A Midsummer Night's Dream, By William Shakespeare, [Oberon] July 2016

       Indecorous Theater Company, Philadelphia, Pa.


Peter Rabbit Tales, Beatrix Potter, [Old Mr. Bouncer, ETC] September 2015 - May 2016

       Adapted for the stage by Enchantment Theatre Company, U.S. National Tour.


Telettrofono, by Matthea Harvey, {Antonio Meucci] August 2015

       Director: Alexa Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.


Occur To Me, SoLow Fest, July 2015

       Director: Jo Vito Ramirez, Philadelphia, Pa.


Strange Interlude, by Eugene O'Neill - [Ned Darrell] - The Peoples' House, June/July 2015

       Director: Ray Labadie-Bartz, Philadelphia, Pa

W*lm*rt Nature Trail, Headlong, June 2015

       Director: Amy Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.  

Occur To Me, Playwright/Performer, SoLow Fest '15, June 2015 

        Directed by Rae Labadie Bartz, West Philadelphia Row Home.

Turn Up the Noyes, First Friday - Headlong, March/April 2015

       Director: Amy Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.


Catch And Release, ETC Performance Series, March 2015

       Diector: Antonia Z Brown, Philadelphia, Pa.


Clown MC's: Pretzel & Barbara, Wintry Mix Performance Series, [Pretzel] February 2015

       With Rebecca Fedele, The Goodhart Theater, Bryn Mawr, Pa.


The Martha Graham Cracker Caberet, Back-up Dancer, Pigonometry, January 2015

       The Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pa.


We're Not Kidding, ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - HPI Final Show, December 2014

        With Bruce Willis, Christ Church Neigborhood House, Philadelphia, Pa


Catcal], SoLow Fest, [Milbourne] June 2014

       Director: Dani Solomon, Philadelphia, Pa.


The Play of Hours, Text by Rainer Maria Rilke, Feb. - May 2013

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.


Caliban Etude, a re-imagining of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, [Caliban] March 2013

       Director: Catharine Slusar, NYU Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


The Nina Variations, by Steven Deitz, [Treplev] - Sept. - Nov. 2012

       Director: Catharine Slusar, Bryn Mawr College.


Circus, The Bread and Puppet Theater Company, Bryn Mawr College Sept. 2012

       Puppet Operator


Listen to Me, by Gertrude Stein, Sept. - Nov. 2011

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.


Alice: Underground, Text by Lewis Carroll/Mark Lord, [The Mad Hatter] Feb. - May 2010

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.

THEATRE DESIGN________________________________________________________________


The Climb, InterAct, Props Designer, May 2024

      Directed by Cheyenne Barboza, Philadelphia, Pa.

Torch Song, 1812 Productions, Props Designer, April 2024

      Directed by Bill Fennelly, Philadelphia, Pa.

Scenic Intern, Arden Theatre Company, Mar. - May 2024

      Specializing in Carpentry, Philadelphia, Pa.


Sandblasted, Theatre Horizon, Prosthetics Designer, May 2023

      Directed by Cheyenne Barboza, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Tempest, Quintessence Theater Group, Props Artisan, March 2023

      Directed by Alex Burns, The Sedgwick Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Chinese Lady, InterAct Theater Company, Props Designer, Nov. 2021

      Proscenium Theatre at The Drake, Philadelphia, Pa.

Edith, The Bearded Ladies, Props Assistant, March 2021

       Music Video Series, Philadelphia, Pa.

Everyman, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Puppet Design, July - Aug. 2020

       Directed by Kittson O'neill and Ang Bey, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tiny Beautiful Things, Arden Theatre Company, Props Design Intern, Nov. 2019

       Adapted By Nia Vardalos​, Directed by Maura Krause, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ragtime, Arden Theatre Company, Props Design Intern, Sept. - Nov. 2019

       By Terrence McNally, Directed by Terry Nolan, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Medusa Play, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Props Designer, Oct. - Dec. 2019

       Directed by Ang Bey and Ryan Rebel, Manayunk, Pa.

Amerika, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Props Designer, Jan. - Feb. 2019

       By Franz Kafka, Adapted and Directed by Ryan Rebel, Manayunk, Pa.


Brainpeople, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Asst. Director/Props Designer, Sept. - Nov. 2018

       By José Rivera, Directed by Ryan Rebel,  Manayunk, Pa. 

Independent English Theater, Rome, Italy, Prop Master, Feb. – May 2012


Ranchland, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Dramaturg, May 2019

       Directed by Alexis Howland, Ryan Rebel, and Nate Biagiotti, Manayunk, Pa.

Sit, Stay., Playwright/Director, 1FiftyOne Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 2018

Hello Blackout, New Paradise Laboratories, Consultant, Sept. 2017

       Philly Fringe 2017, Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.

Headlong Dance Theater, Intern, Philadelphia, Pa. March - Sept. 2014

       Marketing & Media Assistant, Studio Maintenance.


InterAct Theater/Philly Young Playwrights' Middle-School Monologue Festival, March 2014

       Director, Adrienne Theater, Philadelphia.


The Grand Poobah and other ludicrous Things, Playwright/Director, Haverford, Pa. Jan. – April 2013

ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS_________________________________________________


Poetry Readers of Philadelphia Shindig (PROPS), Founder, Philadelphia Pa. Nov. 2013 – Present

       Facilitated bi-weekly discussions of poetry over wine, cheese and homemade bread.

Ryan Rebel Presents, Improv Comedy Troupe, March 2016 - Jan. 2019 

       Philadelphia, Pa.

Playwright Workshop,  Playwright, Fringe Arts,  Philadelphia, Pa.  March 2015 - May 2016

       Bi-weekly workshop for the development of genre-breaking plays.

SPECIAL SKILLS_____________________________________________________________


Beatboxing, Juggling, Figure Modeling, Puppet Making, One-Handed Cartwheels, Basic Salsa, Basic Bachata, Weight Sharing, Harmonica, Ukulele, Crocheting, Bread-Baking, Bike Riding, Roller Skating, Improvised Dance, Sewing, Burps On Command.

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