Jo Vito Ramírez





Introduction To Pachinko Clown, Instructor: Donna Oblongata. Marshfield, VT. July 2019 


Headlong Performance Institute (HPI), Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. – Dec. 2014


Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. Major: Theater, Minor: Sociology 2009 – 2013

       -2013 Kaye Prize in Theater Arts: Acting/Directing

       -Questbridge Scholar



707 Hazardous Moves, New Paradise Laboratories, September, 2021

           Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Fringe Festival 2021, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pericles, By William Shakespeare, [Young Pericles] Shakespeare in Clark Park, July, 2021

           Directed by Carly Bodnar, Philadelphia, Pa.

Play, New Paradise Laboratories, Aug. 2020 - March 2021

           Development Initiative, With Whit MacLaughlin, Philadelphia, Pa.

King Lear (Video Series), 1812 Productions, [Edgar]: Voice Over, February 2021

           Directed by Tanaquil Marquez, Philadelphia, Pa.

Paul, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Leslie] Aug. 2020

           Online Performance, Written by Ryan Rebel, Philadelphia, Pa.


Jo's Gonna Try, Horizon At Home, [Jo] May - June 2020

           Online video series, Produced by Theatre Horizon, Philadelphia, Pa.


The Snow Queen, Arden Theatre Company, [Fred] Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020

           Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Charles Way, Philadelphia, Pa.

Free Water, By Shelley Spector, Design for Different Futures Exhibit - Jan 2020
           In Collaboration with The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pa.

Power Goes Mad with Blop, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] May 2019

          Directed by Ryan Rebel, Philadelphia, Pa.

Expressed//Suppressed, Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival, [Cam] May 2019

           Directed by Jonathan Edmondson, Philadelphia, Pa


Charlotte's Web, Arden Theatre Company, [Avery] Nov 2018 - Feb. 2019

         Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Joseph Robinette, Philadelphia, Pa.

Much Ado About Nothing, Delaware Shakespeare, [Claudio] July 2018

         Directed by Bi Jean Ngo, Wilmington, De.

LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] May 2018

         Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival, Philadelphia, Pa.


Peter Pan, Arden Theatre Company, [Peter Pan] Oct 2017 - February 2018

         Directed by Whit MacLaughlin, Adaptation by Douglas Irvine, Philadelphia, Pa.

WILD: A Clown Western, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, [Compote] September 2017

         Fringe Festival 2017, Philadelphia, Pa.


Spectre Vivant, New Paradise Laboratories, [Father Anthony Douglas] September 2017

        In Collaboration with Opera Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

Gumshoe, New Paradise Laboratories, [Rigel Foote] March - May 2017

        In Collaboration with The Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.


Amerika, by Franz Kafka, [Karl Rossman], April 2017

       Adapted for the stage by Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Philadelphia, Pa.


Quiet Circus, Headlong, September - December 2016

       Washington Ave Pier, Philadephia, Pa.


A Midsummer Night's Dream, By William Shakespeare, [Oberon] July 2016

       Indecorous Theater Company, Philadelphia, Pa.


Peter Rabbit Tales, Beatrix Potter, [Old Mr. Bouncer, ETC] September 2015 - May 2016

       Adapted for the stage by Enchantment Theatre Company, U.S. National Tour.


Telettrofono, by Matthea Harvey, {Antonio Meucci] August 2015

       Director: Alexa Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.


Occur To Me, SoLow Fest, July 2015

       Director: Jo Vito Ramirez, Philadelphia, Pa.


Strange Interlude, by Eugene O'Neill - [Ned Darrell] - The Peoples' House, June/July 2015

       Director: Ray Labadie-Bartz, Philadelphia, Pa

W*lm*rt Nature Trail, Headlong, June 2015

       Director: Amy Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.  

Occur To Me, Playwright/Performer, SoLow Fest '15, June 2015 

        Directed by Rae Labadie Bartz, West Philadelphia Row Home.

Turn Up the Noyes, First Friday - Headlong, March/April 2015

       Director: Amy Smith, Philadelphia, Pa.


Catch And Release, ETC Performance Series, March 2015

       Diector: Antonia Z Brown, Philadelphia, Pa.


Clown MC's: Pretzel & Barbara, Wintry Mix Performance Series, [Pretzel] February 2015

       With Rebecca Fedele, The Goodhart Theater, Bryn Mawr, Pa.


The Martha Graham Cracker Caberet, Back-up Dancer, Pigonometry, January 2015

       The Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pa.


We're Not Kidding, ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - HPI Final Show, December 2014

        With Bruce Willis, Christ Church Neigborhood House, Philadelphia, Pa


Catcal], SoLow Fest, [Milbourne] June 2014

       Director: Dani Solomon, Philadelphia, Pa.


The Play of Hours, Text by Rainer Maria Rilke, Feb. - May 2013

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.


Caliban Etude, a re-imagining of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, [Caliban] March 2013

       Director: Catharine Slusar, NYU Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


The Nina Variations, by Steven Deitz, [Treplev] - Sept. - Nov. 2012

       Director: Catharine Slusar, Bryn Mawr College.


Circus, The Bread and Puppet Theater Company, Bryn Mawr College Sept. 2012

       Puppet Operator


Listen to Me, by Gertrude Stein, Sept. - Nov. 2011

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.


Alice: Underground, Text by Lewis Carroll/Mark Lord, [The Mad Hatter] Feb. - May 2010

       Director: Mark Lord, Bryn Mawr College.

PROP DESIGN________________________________________________________________

Edith, The Bearded Ladies, Props Assistant, March 2021

       Music Video Series, Philadelphia, Pa.

Everyman, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Puppet Design, July - Aug. 2020

       Directed by Kittson O'neill and Ang Bey, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tiny Beautiful Things, Arden Theatre Company, Props Design Intern, Nov. 2019

       Adapted By Nia Vardalos​, Directed by Maura Krause, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ragtime, Arden Theatre Company, Props Design Intern, Sept. - Nov. 2019

       By Terrence McNally, Directed by Terry Nolan, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Medusa Play, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Props Designer, Oct. - Dec. 2019

       Directed by Ang Bey and Ryan Rebel, Manayunk, Pa.

Amerika, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Props Designer, Jan. - Feb. 2019

       By Franz Kafka, Adapted and Directed by Ryan Rebel, Manayunk, Pa.


Brainpeople, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Asst. Director/Props Designer, Sept. - Nov. 2018

       By José Rivera, Directed by Ryan Rebel,  Manayunk, Pa. 

Independent English Theater, Rome, Italy, Prop Master, Feb. – May 2012


Ranchland, Shoe Box Theatre Collective, Dramaturg, May 2019

       Directed by Alexis Howland, Ryan Rebel, and Nate Biagiotti, Manayunk, Pa.

Sit, Stay., Playwright/Director, 1FiftyOne Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 2018

Hello Blackout, New Paradise Laboratories, Consultant, Sept. 2017

       Philly Fringe 2017, Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.

Headlong Dance Theater, Intern, Philadelphia, Pa. March - Sept. 2014

       Marketing & Media Assistant, Studio Maintenance.


InterAct Theater/Philly Young Playwrights' Middle-School Monologue Festival, March 2014

       Director, Adrienne Theater, Philadelphia.


The Grand Poobah and other ludicrous Things, Playwright/Director, Haverford, Pa. Jan. – April 2013

ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS_________________________________________________


Poetry Readers of Philadelphia Shindig (PROPS), Founder, Philadelphia Pa. Nov. 2013 – Present

       Facilitated bi-weekly discussions of poetry over wine, cheese and homemade bread.

Ryan Rebel Presents, Improv Comedy Troupe, March 2016 - Jan. 2019 

       Philadelphia, Pa.

Playwright Workshop,  Playwright, Fringe Arts,  Philadelphia, Pa.  March 2015 - May 2016

       Bi-weekly workshop for the development of genre-breaking plays.

SPECIAL SKILLS_____________________________________________________________


Beatboxing, Juggling, Figure Modeling, Puppet Making, One-Handed Cartwheels, Basic Salsa, Basic Bachata, Weight Sharing, Harmonica, Ukulele, Crocheting, Bread-Baking, Bike Riding, Roller Skating, Improvised Dance, Sewing, Burps On Command.